My interest

Since my school years, I enjoyed watching the colorfulness of the surroundings, the effects of lights and shadows, color combinations and compositions ... Gradually I tried to transfer these visual impressions "on paper". First, using pencils, then crayons and then, later I started to try other art techniques - watercolors, tempera paints, pastels...

It was a years-long phase of searching, observing, thinking and critical evaluation ... I was always looking for ways and means how to “paint” this "play of colors and lights" around me as best as possible.

Until I got to the oil paints. And here I am settled by then. With their potential - colorfulness, spreading rate, flexibility, luminosity ... - I enjoy many years to work out my inspirations and ideas just by oil painting technique. Only in some cases, I am more “toning” them by acrylic paints.

Silhouette HORSES - Power of the Sun-set INSECT III. - Stag-beetle FLOWERS VII. - Foxglove HORSES 7. - In the Sun-shine

My inspiration

I am finding my inspiration mostly in a treasury of nature.

I am charmed with magic and always changing sceneries of the sun (sun-rise or sun-set, its golden rays..), the clouds, rich natural color of the particular seasons, the magic of flowers, colorfulness of the butterflies, power and mystery of animals, mirroring of the water level, a fresh palette of the blue sky...

Birds V. TREES III. - Spring in the Forest HORSES 38. - On the Beach TREES XV. - Autumn Fog INSECT IX. - Fritillaries Landscape with Poppies

My intention

I would like to bring this deep magic of the nature and its variety into my paintings too. So, the paintings would show the softness and smell of flowers, wild energy and grace of horses, scarcely audible beating of butterfly wings, a warm breeze of summer evening, quiet relaxation in the glow of sun-set ... (back to top)

My paintings for you

If you like any of the presented paintings and would like to look at it directly at your home, you can contact me by e-mail or you can buy it directly – in e-shop
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